FemTech Bootcamp

Entrepreneurship efforts among women in the tech industry need to be broadened and developed. Therefore, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, commonly known as Tillväxtverket, together with Wellstreet, has launched the accelerator program FemTech Bootcamp. The program is held this autumn and focuses entirely on startups founded by women and mixed founding teams. Ten selected startup companies from all over Sweden will be given the opportunity to take part in the startup scene in Stockholm, offering knowledge, networking and the ability to work with some of Sweden's leading tech stars, investors and potential customers.

The deadline for your complete application including 3 min video pitch is August 20, 2018 at 08:00 CEST. The program is free of charge and runs between 17-21 September 2018. To qualify, the company's product or service must be launched or at least market-ready.


Jane Walerud

Walerud Ventures

Aurore Belfrage

Tech Diplomat

Sïmon Saneback


What is FemTech.io?

Sweden is a leader in innovation and digital entrepreneurship, but the tech industry is far from gender equality. Entrepreneurs who are women testify that they have more difficulty accessing, for example, venture capital compared to male colleagues. Only one out of ten members of the tech companies' boards are women and it looks the same among larger startup companies. One key to change is to encourage more women to enter the tech industry and promote these that are already active.

Our ambition is to gather all FemTech initiatives and players that are working to promote women in the tech industry under an umbrella. Femtech.io is a non-commercial and independent initiative involving private and public players. In the long run, we want to create a community where, in addition to our accelerator program, it is possible for the "members" to network, share experiences and get free access to digital training and webinars. Our accelerator program which we call "FemTech Bootcamp" will take place from 17 to 21 September 2018.


Tillväxtverket satsar på kvinnliga techgrundare

Tillväxtmyndigheten gör sin första stora satsning på kvinnliga techgrundare. Med sitt Femtech bootcamp vill de ge kvinnliga grundare ett bredare nätverk och ny kunskap.

Di Digital gör årligen en granskning över hur riskkapitalet fördelas mellan techbolag grundade av män och kvinnor. Årets granskning visade att 0,7 procent av kapitalet gick till bolag med enbart kvinnliga grundare, medan 88 procent gick till techbolag med enbart manliga grundare.

Nu tar Femtech Bootcamp emot ansökningar: ”En bra idé räcker inte”

Nu tar Femtech Bootcamp emot ansökningar: ”En bra idé räcker inte”

Acceleratorsprogrammet Femtech Bootcamp som riktar sig till startups med kvinnliga grundare har nu börjat ta emot ansökningar. ”En bra idé räcker inte för att det ska bli ett bolag”, säger jurymedlemmen Aurore Belfrage till VA.

Nu kan den som är intresserad av att delta i acceleratorsprogrammet Femtech Bootcamp skicka in sin ansökan.

De startar bootcamp för kvinnliga grundare

Tillväxtverket och investeringsbolaget Wellstreet vill dra in mer kapital till kvinnliga startupgrundare. Nu lanserar de acceleratorprogrammet Femtech Bootcamp som de hoppas ska öka jämställdheten i branschen.

Fortfarande går bara en bråkdel av riskkapitalet till kvinnliga techgrundare. Enligt Di Digitals granskning tidigare i våras fick bolag med enbart kvinnliga grundare endast 0,7 procent av de 11,4 miljarder kronor som investerades i startups i fjol.

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